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       Keep You Close


       The Valley

       Paper Crane




Sydney Sprague BIO



Ask 100 people to give you one word that describes Sydney Sprague it would probably be “relatable”. Sydneys voice and sound is uniquely hers holding an innate ability to be uniquely relatable to almost everyone. Sydney’s silky smooth voice and relatable song-craft captures that place in your mind and heart and that simply says, “I can totally relate to that”.
Perhaps Phonis New Times sums up Sydney best:  "Sydneys vocals are akin to comfort food for the soul; she has an ability in her vulnerability and gentleness to evoke a truly peaceful, easy feeling. Her voice is quite close to Stevie Nicks at her prime, but without the edge: a gentle, angelic softness instead.
Sydney’s unique style, signature and sound is well defined. Clearly knowing who she is as a singer, songwriter and artist, Sydney can melt your mind and heart with an emotional powerful message that drags you back to remembrance of the most special times in your life. And then rock the house down with her special blend of POP/Indie Rock in your face fun! Sydney owns a song-craft versatility that few possess and even fewer master. She simply refuses to be defined as a genre, rather her vision and her style, aptly, Sydney-style. Her material runs the gamete from strongly emotive pop music to brash and forceful adult alternative and indie-rock.
Born in Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world, Sydney began her life in an environment overflowing with music and wasted little time beginning her musical journey. As Sydney began to grasp her natural talent she picked up a guitar and just played and played and played and has never stopped since.
It is consequently no surprise that Sydney would migrate to songwriting to make her voice heard. Penning heady tunes with wisdom years beyond her, Sydney expanded her own material and catalogue day after day, week after week while exhibiting a songwriting voice that was earnest, unique, perceptive, alarmingly vulnerable and certainly mature beyond her years.
Releasing her first acoustic album, the aptly titled “You Gotta Start Somewhere”, Sydney quickly established herself as a songwriter that defies standard genre fare.

With music flowing from her creative mind, Sydney immediately penned and recorded the album “Do You Hear Me?” expanding her music from solo offerings to duo sets.

It’s clear the evolution of Sydney-style was in full swing when the next album arrived with “Paper Crane”. A full band sound with glimpses of POP, Indie Rock, Americana and Sydney-style all mashed up into one great album.
Still playing a full time show schedule while writing Sydney-isms and artful prose never seemed to slow her down a bit. The next item on Sydneys album freight train and her newest album came “The Valley”. Classic Sydney-style,,, but now on steroids. Fast fun melodic POP, indie rock and fun.
Sydneys dance calendar remains overflowing with creativity, song-craft and a schedule of new albums and single releases. With 4 albums and a string of singles released already in her growing catalogue, Sydney is only getting started. Sydneys goal is to remain kind, thoughtful, and humble on a fate filled journey few are lucky enough to experience.
Look to catch Sydney soon with the release of her single release “Keep You Close” plus her newest album “Dark Cloud” in summer 2016 with performances in venues across the country, where audiences continue to see a piece of themselves in the words and vision of Sydney Sprague. 








10/03 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                 7:30PM

10/09 The Herb Box Midtown          11:00AM

10/10 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                 7:30PM

10/19 Burger Theory                        6:00PM


10/23 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                 7:30PM

10/26 Paradise Lounge                      7:30PM

10/27 Chandler Farmers market     5:00PM

10/31 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                  7:30PM

11/01 Aloft Hotel Tempe AZ            6:00PM

11/07 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                  7:30PM

11/10 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                   7:30PM

11/13 The Herb Box  - DC Ranch       11:00AM

11/13 Hyatt Gainey Ranch                   7:30PM

11/20 THE HERB BOX   - Midtown      11:00AM

11/21 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                   7:30PM

11/27 THE HERB BOX  - DC Ranch       11:00AM

11/27 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                   7:30PM




02/18/17 Desert Botanical Garden   1:00PM

             Corks and Cactus  Event










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