Sydney Sprague has been making music in Phoenix, Arizona since 2007. Her engaging songs, voice, and personality bring a refreshing relate-ability to her audience and fans everywhere. She is currently hard at work on releasing her 5th studio EP ‘Dark Cloud’ and maintaining a busy performance schedule.

"Sprague's vocals are akin to comfort food for the soul, as are most of her arrangements; she has an ability in her vulnerability and gentleness to evoke a truly peaceful, easy feeling. “ - Phoenix New Times

Dark Cloud Front Cover Art.jpg


by Sydney Sprague



07/01 Mountain Shadows                  7:00PM

07/02 Montelucia Hotel                 11:00AM

07/02 Paradise Lounge                      4:00PM

07/06 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                7:30PM

07/07 The Sanctuary                          7:00PM                 w/Ferrari Band

07/08 Mountain Shadows                  7:00PM

07/09 The Merdiem Chandler AZ    2:00PM

07/12 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

07/14 The Sanctuary                           7:00PM                 w/Ferrari Band

07/15 Talking Stick casino               7:00PM                   w/Ferrari Band

07/16 Montelucia Hotel                  11:00AM

07/17 Hilton Hotel Chandler         7:00PM

07/18 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                 7:30PM

07/19 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

07/21 The Sanctuary                           7:00PM                 w/Ferrari Band

07/22 Mountain shadows                   7:00PM                w/Ferrari Band

07/23 Montelucia Hotel                  11:00AM

07/23 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                  5:00PM

07/25 yucca tap room                         TBDPM

07/26 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

07/28 The Sanctuary                           7:00PM                 w/Ferrari Band 

07/29 Montelucia Hotel                  11:00AM

07/30 Paradise Lounge                       4:00PM

07/31 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                  7:30PM

08/01 Hilton Hotel Chandler         7:00PM

08/02 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

08/09 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

08/10 HYATT GAINEY RANCH-Trio       7:30PM

08/13 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                  5:00PM

08/16 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

08/18 The Sanctuary                           7:00PM                 w/Ferrari Band

08/19 MOUNTAIN SHADOWS                  7:00PM

08/20 The Merdiem Chandler AZ    2:00PM

08/23 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

08/25 The Sanctuary                           7:00PM                 w/Ferrari Band

08/26 MOUNTAIN SHADOWS                  7:00PM

08/27 The Merdiem Chandler AZ     2:00PM

08/27 Paradise Lounge                       4:00PM

08/28 HYATT GAINEY RANCH                  7:30PM

08/29 Hilton Hotel Chandler         7:00PM

08/30 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

09/03 The Merdiem Chandler AZ     2:00PM

09/06 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

09/13 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM


09/20 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

09/27 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

10/01 The Merdiem Chandler AZ      2:00PM

10/04 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

10/11 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

10/15 The Merdiem Chandler AZ      2:00PM

10/18 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

10/25 Aloft Hotel scottsdale        6:30PM

10/29 The Merdiem Chandler AZ      2:00PM