Bad Patchwork

The new EP by Sydney Sprague. Out now, everywhere.









bad patchwork

A mismatched group of millennials huddle around a tall, brunette woman hugging an acoustic guitar and standing behind a microphone. More than half of them are wearing black baseball tees emblazoned with white letters that simply states “UNCOMFORTABLE.”

These are dedicated Sydney Sprague fans, and they are quietly singing along to every single word of her latest single, “F O M O”, while catching each others eyes in childlike excitement as they mouth along to their favorite lyrics.

Originally hailing from Austin, 20-something Sydney Sprague, now a Phoenix transplant, has been performing across the Southwest for over 9 years. Her songwriting is perceptive, alarmingly vulnerable, and mature beyond her years. Phoenix New Times complimented her voice, stating it was “quite close to Stevie Nicks [in] her prime.” She blends acoustic guitar with thoughtful, catchy hooks in her original works, and twists cover songs to fit her unique pop/Americana style.

Her latest release, 2019's "Bad Patchwork”, was released on 80/20 Records on July 15, 2019. It’s a mixed bag of recordings she made in 2018, and is inspired by massive amounts of uncertainty, awkward relationships, wasted time, and the fear of missing out. Her songs are refreshingly relatable and full of angst in the best possible way.


Bad Patchwork

by Sydney Sprague